About Us

The management team of Alta Aero Technic has committed its resources to enhance and expand their presence in the aviation industry to provide more comprehensive aviation asset services to customers worldwide.  Combining years of experience, robust infrastructure, a broad spectrum of client services, and sound financial backing, the team is excited about our new endeavors to provide an ever growing suite of services for asset management teams, corporate lease holders and MRO transitional services worldwide.

Currently we are primarily a service provider, providing qualified manpower, support services and over-site for the all segments of the industry including General Aviation, Corporate Aviation, and the Commercial aviation industry. We specialize in having and sourcing qualified manpower ranging from licensed mechanics/engineering/inspection/material specialists to management, Audit personnel and Physical Inspection and Maintenance Planning personnel.

Through our extended services, we can act as your singular focal point for project management, as well as modification line setup support, engineering and support services, aircraft/asset inspection and sourcing, import/export, A/C registration and start up carrier services including regulatory approval and compliance as well as direct OEM technical/operational support.

Alta Aero Technic was created in 2021 with the vision that the aviation industry needs an organization which thinks and functions and operates like its customer base. We have created a company based on values and high integrity. We built out team with industry leaders, with many years of experience both domestically and internationally, our base core is comprised of engineers and aircraft maintenance and operational professionals. Alta Aero Technic is proud of its commitment to Excellence and each team member is committed to produce quality. Customer service is never taken for granted. Along with quality, each team member recognizes that genuine customer service is the lifeblood of the company and their own personal success. Accordingly, every member of the AAT team is dedicated to doing everything possible to properly care for our customers and their assets.

Our principles are the backbone of our business and our presence has been felt over several continents around the globe with a strong commitment and professional attitude.

Our presence will increase owing to the great market demand of our product. We make sure that our employees are highly trained and employ the latest trends, tools, and technologies.